Research Field Renewable Energy Landscapes

Renewable Energies coin contemporary cultural landscapes and lead to new public discourses on the visual qualities of landscape. LAREG researches the aesthetical and structural potentials of windfarms, solarfields and biomasse cultures.

Wind Energy Landscapes
The publication Wind Energy and Landscape Aesthetics (2012, only available in German) fills a gap in the landscape architecture and planning theory. This work raises the question of how wind turbines can be meaningful and aesthetically pleasing to be involved in the landscape and provides concrete solutions to the placement and arrangement.

Solar Energy Landscapes
The LAREG design studios address the landscape integration of solar energy. In an outstanding diploma thesis (2009, only available in German) the 'landscape morphological approach' for wind turbines was scaled into a 'cultural landscape approach' for PV (Photovoltaic). Since 2012, our design studios also adress the different types of CSP (Concentrating Solar Power).

This dissertation project discusses aspects of speedup and slowdown for sustainable landscapes. It searches for principles, how sustainability can be classified by adaption, by mitigation and beyond climate change – and how landscape and sustainability can be consolidated.