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The interdisciplinary Master studio investigates strategies for the spatial development of the newly founded
TU Nuremberg campus. The studio will collaborate with the Chair of Sustainable Urbanism (Prof. Michaeli)
Summer Term 2021 – Master Project 15 ECTS (Module AR30389)

Over the next decades, the newly founded TU Nuremberg campus is to be built in stages on a 37 hectares former freight site. A gravel landscape is waiting for the development to start. An innovative teaching-learning-communication campus combined with student accommodation is expected. A quarter of the site has been planned but the rest is waiting for future development. The first construction phase is targeted for 2028, but the whole campus will not be ready before the year 2060.

Students from different disciplines are asked to team up and plan the future of this site for the next 30 years, the next generation. Landscape, urban, social, economic and ecologic processes are already taking place. Which strategy will you choose for the future development of the site? Our studio will look far beyond the horizon: Spatial aspects are taken into account together with topics such as new teaching and learning, time and dynamics, soil, climate, sustainability and natural processes.

In several interdisciplinary labs, disciplinary teams of two will collaborate. Each lab will develop different strategies for the site and its development. The studio will be held in English, but German is strongly recommended.


Prof. Dr. sc. Udo Weilacher
M.Sc. Antonia Koukouvelou
Bernhard Schöner (model making)


For questions please contact directly Antonia Koukouvelou: koukouvelou[at]lai.ar.tum.de


Monday the 12th of April at 14:00, ZOOM, Intro Master Projects LAI

Meeting ID: 612 7983 7100
Passcode: LAI

13.04.21 TUE 15.30 - 17.00: Kick Off (further information will follow by email after registration)
11.05.21 TUE.  Intermediate crits
01.06.21 TUE.  Intermediate crits - Workshop
22.06.21 TUE.  Intermediate crits
13.07.21 TUE.  all day final crits

(Online-) Meetings / Supervision within the teams will take place on Thursdays at 13:30 at LAI for students of LA and on Tuesdays at 13:30 at Lst. SU for A+UL.

Participants: max. 10 students from LA
Temas: firstly 2-students' teams, then 4-6-students' teams/labs
Level: Master
Sprache: English (German is recommended)


Intro Master Projects  Monday, April 12th, 2:00 pm, ZOOM
Kick-off                        Tuesday, April 13rd, 3:30 pm, ZOOM
Studio LAI                    Thursdays 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm


Registration via TUMonline. Open from April 1 - April 12, 18 pm.
(Master students only!)