Landscape Architecture - Current Positions (6 ECTS) AR72050

- available in summer semester only -

Seminar in the master´s program

This module consists of two parts, which can also be taken seperately:
Dieses Modul besteht aus zwei Teilen, die auch einzeln belegt werden können:

1) Writing Laboratory Landscape Architecture (3 ECTS) AR72041
In this workshop students a write a short critical review or recension about a current textbook. Textsize: 3.000 characters including space characters. Language: German or English. The final text will be corrected several times and evaluated.

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher
Start: April 30, 2024 at 3 pm, Glashaus (E46), LAT, Freising
Participants: Masterstudents in Landscape Architecture, maximum number of students: 15 (individual coaching)
Requirements: Good(!) language skills (reading and writing) in English or German,  required. This is not a language course.
Learning target: scientific writing skills
Registration: in TUMonline; Please also send an email to: udo.weilacher[at]; subject:writing lab

2) Profiles of International Landscape Architecture (3 ECTS) AR72040

Instructor: Xiaozhen Li
Support: M.Sc. Antonia Koukouvelou (

For this semester's writing seminar each student will analyse the work and thinking of one established landscape architect. The focus will be on female landscape architects, who have made an impact on the field either as independents or as leading members of an office.
The chosen female profiles of landscape architects will be announced at the introductory session, however, own suggestions are welcome and will be considered. Each student will work individually on one short essay and will present the findings at the final presentation day. There will be three group meetings and two individual consultations to discuss the content. To successfully pass the course, an essay of minimum 5 000 characters and a 15 minutes presentation are expected.

Performance requirements

  • attendance of all group meetings and individual consultations
  • presentation (max. 15 min. plus 10min discussion)
  • "postcard" exercise and written essay (max. 6 000 characters, incl. spaces) 

Learning target: scientific writing skills; deeper insight into current tendencies in international landscape architecture with a focus on European practices.
Eligibility: Master students in Landscape Architecture or related fields, maximum number of students: 10 (individual coaching)
Requirements: proficiency in English
Registration: preliminary registration in TUMonline, binding registration during introductory session; participation in introductory session is mandatory 

Dates (to be confirmed with the participants):
Monday        29.04.2024      10.00 - 12.00       Kick-Off
Monday        06.05.2024       until 12.00           Deadline for topics
Monday        13.05.2024       10.00 - 12.00       Group meeting 1
Monday         27.05.2024      until 12:00            Submission draft 1
Monday         03.06.2024      10.00 - 12.00        Group meeting 2
Monday         17.06.2024      until 12.00            Submission draft 2
Monday         24.06.2024      10.00 - 12.00        Group meeting 3
Monday         08.07.2024      until 12.00.            Submission draft 3
Wednesday   31.07.2024      t.b.d.                      Final presentation (in person)
Monday        19.08.2024      until 15:00             Deadline for final essays