Model workshop LAT

Bernhard Schöner bids you welcome to the LAT model workshop! Everything begins with the workshop introduction.

Still unsure what to expect, the "Ersties" stand in front of the machines, drawers and boxes. The workshop is tidy and the worktop freshly oiled ... but then the semester starts. The first submissions of the design projects and the workshop is already under siege. Intensive work with Delta sand, Finnpappe and Styrodur takes time, patience and nerves - and can cause blisters on the fingers. Weekend work and again and again nerve-racking presentations, but finally ... students proudly present their work - that's it!A variety of machines, hand tools and materials will enable you to transform your design ideas into models in such a way that you can make your creative decisions and explain them clearly in a presentation at the end. Experiment with the models, change them and build variations, have fun and get to grips with them, don't make them kitschy, but arouse in the viewer the desire to discover new details again and again.

Safety is the top priority in the workshop. However, careful handling of machines and tools as well as orderliness at the workplace are also important to ensure that work is successful and fun. And if you want to improve your manual and mechanical skills, you can take a small workshop with me, without ECTS and grading. Just talk to me.Whenever you have a question, I will be happy to help you!And now have fun looking at the pictures.By the way: I can't give you a well-organized overview of the workshop here, because everything is, as usual in every actively used workshop, a little "spontaneous" and always in action.


The PAPERWORKSHOP is freely accessible for you around the clock. Please handle this "privilege" with care.

The WOODWORKSHOP is open to all students from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Work on machines is only allowed after a briefing by the workshop manager. In addition, you must read the workshop rules carefully and hand them in signed, as they contain the most important safety and conduct rules that must be observed.

So, that's it with the formalities. Ask me holes in my stomach and let me show you everything.

A little bit about myself, Bernhard Schöner

After my school graduation (main subjects: English and Art) I did an apprenticeship as a foundry model maker, which was a real challenge for me and shaped my future career. In my further professional steps, I collaborated with different offices and in the end landed for twenty years by HENN architects, where I was responsible in a team of two to three people to produce all possible models in different scales the office needed. Further on I moved for 1 year to Switzerland where I collaborated with the office of  Santiago Calatrava. A fascinating place, with ingenious designs and models to be conceived and produced. As my last career step, I accepted on march 2015 a position as a model maker at the chair of landscape architecture and industrial landscape at the TU Munich in Weihenstepfan, Freising. Personally, I am really excited and happy to be part of this model making world and practice this job for so many years. My goal is to keep the workshop space in ´a good shape´, to update it with new machines and tools and to be always there for YOU to fulfill your needs. My energy and willingness derive from the support of the LAI team and the motivation of the students.

You can contact me by following this link.