little people 2017

The urban realm posesses spatial qualities at very different scales. These do not merely unfold their effects in the dimension of a square or a garden exhibition, but they show themselves on a daily basis, in the all-encompassing space. These particularities are not immediately obvious to everybody. Looking the other way round, modifications of the space, no matter what scale, immediately define the quality of our living space, for better or for worse.

As part of an exploration of a specific range of these spatial qualities, we will go on the search for a new perspective, a macroscopic take on hidden urban spaces.

Within 24 hours a special place will be explored and made into a stage for a story. This scene will be photographed (you‘ll need your own digital camera) and documented and reflected on in drawings and text.


On the list at the notice board at LAI (opposite the secretary's office).


Handing-out of exercise definition:
Tuesday, 20.06.2017
09.00 h, room E 42

Wednesday, 21.06.2017
09.00 h, LAI office (Frau Hirscheider)

Presentation and discussion:
Wednesday, 21.06.2017
17:00 h at the LAI

This exercise was fundamentally inspired by the artistic work of SLINKACHU:

(Photo © Matthias Oberfrank 2014)