Landscape Architecture - Theory and Criticism (AR72032)

- available in winter semester only -

Content: The module "Landscape Architecture - Theory and Criticism" (AR72032) will be held in winter semester only. The lecture will provide special information about current theoretical questions, trends and tendencies in landscape architecture. Subjects are for example: Complexity, Functionalism, Structuralism, The Open Work, The Theory of the Fold, etc.. The students will be provided with a set of methods for landscape design and analysis processes, and they will be given the opportunity to test these theories in test designs (seminar).

Structure: The module (6 ECTS) consists of a lecture series "Complex Theories in Landscape Architecture" (3 ECTS) accompanied by a seminar "Complex Theories in Design" (3 ECTS). Both module components are only offered during winter semester and have to be attended in order to successfully complete the module AR72032. The single seminar exercises will be handed out at the end of the respective lecture and have to be completed within one week. At the end of the lecture period there will be a final presentation as part of the seminar. During lecture, short lecture notes will be issued (German/English), all of which may also be downloaded as PDF.

Type of Assessment:  Seminar "Exercise in Complex Theories" (see detailed description below) and a final one-day theory workshop with fishbowl discussions on the presented theories.

Language: English

Start: October 18, 2023, 11:00 am - introduction (hybrid) via Zoom and live in room U1, Emil-Ramann-Str.6, Freising

Elegible for participation: Master students of Landscape Architecture, Urbanism or Architecture
Credits: 6 ECTS
Registration: via TUMonline. number: AR72032-1 "Landscape Architecture Theory and Criticism"
Time: 11:00-12:30
Place: live in U1 (or not live online via Moodle)

Teacher: Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher and guests

Program 2023/2024 - in Presence (+online)

  • Wednesday, Oct. 18/2023   Live introduction (hybrid: room U1 and via ZOOM)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 25/2023   Semiotics. Giving Landscape a Language (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 01/2023   no lecture due to Allerheiligen
  • Wednesday, Nov. 08/2023   Complexity (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15/2023   Reading Ruins (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 22/2023   Structuralism (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 29/2023   Function as a Design Term (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 06/2023   Minimalism - the luxury of abstinence (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 13/2023   Atmosphere (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20/2023   Alpine Industrial Landscapes (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Jan. 10/2024   Transparency (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Jan. 17/2024   The Open and the Unfinished (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Jan. 24/2024   Theory of the Fold (PDF)
  • Wednesday, Jan. 31/2024   Actor-Network Theory
  • Wednesday, Feb. 07/2024   Evaluation and Preparation of the Workshop
  • Friday,          Feb. 16/2024   Final exam workshop - all day! (in presence only, from 9am - 6pm in Freising)

A short manuskript (keywords) will be handed out in each lecture. To open the manuscript in the download-version (PDF-File) you need a password. This will be announced in the lecture. If you should have any questions, please contact:[at]

SEMINAR winter term 2023/2024

Seminar exercises (1.5 ECTS): Together with the lecture there will be 5 seminar exercises, out of which 3 have to be chosen and completed within the time of one week. The seminar exercises are graphical-visual draft designs which correspond to the contents dealt with in the respective lecture. They have to be explained in a short text. Following the handing-in of the results, each single exercise will be briefly acknowledged and evaluated. The evaluation criteria will be noted on the issued exercise sheets.
Amount of work: 45 working hours (1.5 ECTS) – 15 working hours per each single draft design.

Final presentation (1.5 ECTS): After the lecture period, one of the three draft designs has to be elaborated further (image and text) and will be presented live(!) at a given time. The aim is to show that you are able to apply and discuss by means of a design exercise the complex theories dealt with in the lecture. The final presentation is at the same time the module examination and it will be marked whilst taking into account the results from the separate exercises (module mark). The same criteria apply as in the three draft exercises. Additional criteria are the argumentative consistency, the comprehensiveness of the ideas and the quality of the final presentation.
Amount of work: 45 working hours (1.5 ECTS)

Amount of work alltogether 90 working hours (3 ECTS)
Feedback meetings for the excercises see TUMonline/Moodle