ready, set, ..... Landscape Architecture!

Short Design Studies in Landscape Architecture - Videoworkshop

We live in a world of fast-paced communication: advertising has between 15 and 30 seconds to convince us. When Twitter was founded, its peculiarity was the limitation of a message to a maximum of140 characters to express ourselves. Japanese haikus - masterpieces of literature - have only three lines in order to reflect the beauty of the whole world. Can we manage to convey the fascination of our studies in just two minutes in a lively, fresh, imaginative and striking way?
Images and voices, colors and sounds are the ingredients of a video message - that's anyway not enough. First of all, you need ideas to make people curious. Teasers have to go viral!
The message: "That's why I'm studying Landscape Architecture at TUM!"


Registration                                        via TUMonline from 22.05.2024

Kick-off                                                Wednesday, 22.05.2024, 14-17 room E42

Rough cut, concept, support            Wednesday, 05.06.2024, 14-17 room E42

Detailed cut, first view, Support       Wednesday, 19.06.2024, 14-17 room E42

Submission                                        Tuesday, 02.07.2024 - Deadline 23:59

Public view                                         Tuesday, 09.07.2024 - Vernissage “insites”

The course will be held in German and/or English.

Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher
Dipl.-Ing. Pierfrancesco Stella

For questions please contact directly Pierfrancesco Stella