First year design studios

- available in winter semester only -

In the bachelor's degree, which is explicitly designed as a project-study, the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape supervises the first exploratory project of landscape architecture, thereby establishing an important foundation for the successful project-work in the following semesters. The second semster is focused on landscape planning and ecology. The LAI provides accompanying teaching only.

We coach the students step by step in the first towards the landscape architectural design approach. They will work in teams on generic planning & designing process issues. Hence team-work and working methods are practiced for future use. Key aspects of the ‘Orientation Project Landscape Architecture' are conceptual planning and creative design work, crafting skills training, introductions to scientific work, media, modeling, graphical and written expression.

It is very important from the start to exercise good time management as well as job-efficiency to cope successfully with the labor-intensive project work. Our chair personnel will gladly counsel you. See further helpful information here.