Written Design

Writing as a Design Tool

In the practice of landscape architecture, design usually takes place on a visual level: using models, sketches, drawings, plans or perspectives. But research shows that writing in the design process has valuable qualities that do not compete with the visual approach, but rather enrich and complement it. As the visual tends to address the right hemisphere of the brain and thus emotional-intuitive and associative thinking, the thinking processes in writing take place mainly on the left hemisphere, where analytical-logical and linear thinking is located. 
The architect and author Christian Gänshirt therefore suggests using both ways of thinking in a complementary way and making use of the possibility of mutual stimulation in the design process. Depending on which tools are used, visual or verbal, these thought processes can be controlled to some extend.

The aim of this short design study is to introduce rush writing as a writing technique for the design process and to show how this technique can be combined with visual design tools.


Fr. 05.06.2020, 9 am    Kick-off (approx. 1h, Zoom link on moodle)
                                     (Participation at this date is obligatory to take part at this course)

Fr. 05.06.2020, 8 pm    intermediate Hand-in (upload on Moodle)
Fr. 12.06.2020, 5 pm     Final Hand-in (upload on Moodle)


1 DIN A3 with Text, Title and Collage

Martin Augenstein M.A.


until 5.06.2020 via TUM-Online
AR72055 Short Design Studies in Landscape Architecture - Bachelor - LAI

AR72055 Short Design Studies in Landscape Architecture - Master - LAI