is a registered landscape architect.

He is a partner in GTL - Gnüchtel Triebswetter Landschape Architects which he co-founded in 1991

Guest lecture at the LAI in summer term 2012 with a presentation of his work

is a landscape architect and urban designer in Hanover

Thomas Göbel-Groß studied landscape architecture at TU Munich, he was Teaching Associate to Dieter Kienast at the University of Karlsruhe and since 1996 he works at "Stadtgestalter" for the regional capital Hanover.

Guest critic at the LAI im summer term 2012 on occasion of the final presentatio of the Master's studio project "checkpoint landscape. from point - to path - to landscape"

is a scuptress and professor.

since 2007 Professur for Scuptural Desiging (Faculty of Architecture, TUM)
since 1986 regelar exhibitions about her artistic work
1980–1987 she studied at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts

Guest lecture at the LAI in summer term 2012 in the Master's studio project "checkpoint Landscape" as part of a cooperation with her Chair of Visual Arts

is a registered landscape architect, Professor.

Since 1990 Juries and lecture in Germany and abroad
Since 2002 Professorship at the Technical University of Brunswick
1989 foundation of Büro Kiefer in Berlin
1987–1992 Teaching Associate at the Technical University of Berlin
1979–1987 studied Landscape Planning at TU Berlin

Guest lecture at the LAI as part of the monographic show Berlin during summer term 2012

is registered landscape architect, urban planner and professor.

Since 1968 he is landscape architect and urban planner as partner of Latz + Partner, a cooperative of with architects, sociologists and economists for urbab planning projects on the field of alternative technologies
1983–2008 professor for landscape architecture and planung (TU Munich)
1973 professorship for landscape architecture at the university of Kassel
1968–1973 lecturer in Maastricht
International lecturships and teaching, for example as Adjunct Professor at the University of Pennsylvania und as guest professor in Harvard
1964–1968 studied at the Department of Urban Design and Landscape Planning at RWTH Aachen and employed in the office of Prof. Kühn and Meurer
1964 Diplom at TU Munich

Guest lecture at the LAI in the winter term 2012/13 on occasion of the lecture series "Theory and Criticism in Landscape Architecture".

Lecture at the LAI 2017 in the framework of the international doctoral program Forschungslabor Raum.

Guest review in winter semester 2018/19 at the LAI within the bachelor project "italcementi - Borgo San Dalmazzo, Italy".

Guest critique at the LAI in winter term 2019/20 within the seminar "Renaissance Reloaded".

is a registered landscape architect, journalist and editor, active in teaching and research at different univerisities, Dr.

2016 she became professor at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
2011 doctoral dissertation at the Technical University of Munich
2004–2008 research and teaching associate at Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher's Chair of Landscape Architecture and Designing at Leibniz University Hannover
1992–2003 practical work experience: amongst other in the studio Gabriele Kiefer and as project manager for STraum.a in Berlin
studied Landscape Architecture at the Escola Superior d'Arquitectura in Barcelona
studied Landscape Planning at the TU Berlin

Guest lecture at LAI in the winter term 2011/2012 about the topic "Corporate Identity with Landscape Architecture".

is a registered landscape architect.

2017 he completed his doctoral dissertation with the topic: "On time, landscape and drawing"
Since 2009 coordinator of the gouvernment-sponsored Arbeitsprogramms für Architekten ("work programme for architects")
Since 1997 registered landscape architect
2004–2009 he holds the Chair for Landscape Architecture (Faculty of Architecture / University of Amsterdam)
1994–2004 he worked for the journal Blauwe Kamer
1992–1997 H+N+S Landscape Architects
1991 completion of studies at the University of Wageningen

Guest lecture at LAI in the winter term 2012/13 in the lecture series Theory and Methods of Landscape Architecture about his dissertation topic 'On time, landscape and drawing'.