The Invention of Landscape

Friday, 05.12.2014, 10:00–17:00 h
Ernst von Siemens auditorium, Pinakothek der Moderne

in cooperation with the Museum of Architecture, Technical University of Munich

Landscape is a living organism that is continually changing. At the same time the society changes dynamically with ther demands on the landscape. Therefore, the French landscape architect and artist Prof. Dr. Bernard Lassus already introduced in the 1990s: "We are forced to be inventive, because the landscape of tomorrow is a mystery and the landscape of the past can not be reconstructed."

After the two symposia The Essence of Invention and The Fascination of Analysis, the topic of the third symposium is defined as the invention of the landscape.

The symposion "The Invention of Landscape" deals with inventing new analysing methods and approaches to landscapes and spaces. Always looking forward to get involved with places where we can be aware of our own perception.

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Conception: Sonja Weber

TUM Graduate School, Graduate Center of Architecture (, Studienfakultät für Landschaftsarchitektur und Landschaftsplanung (, Fakultät für Architektur (, Esri Deutschland GmbH (

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