Advanced Bachelor design studios

In the intensifying projects of the 4th and 7 semester of Bachelor, coached by the Chair of the LAI in addition to the bachelor's thesis in the 8th semester, the focus is on complex schemes which are always interdisciplinary. Architecture, urban planning, transport, water supply, agriculture and forestry are some of the adjacent disciplines, within which cooperation in the projects is self-explanatory.

For the deepening projects, usually held in teams of 3 or 2, eventually (for each project) not only clear plans and models are required, but also a detailed explanatory report, which gives a revealing insight into the theoretical background of the project. With the work on the written reports, which must be prepared in accordance with certain Chair-specifications, the students demonstrate their ability to handle reproducible theoretical presentations of important issues related to landscape architecture.

It is very important to exercise a good time management as well as job-efficiency to cope with the labor-intensive project work successfully. Our chair personnel will gladly counsel you.