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The schoolyard in the age of digitalization and climate change
Bachelor 7th Semester - Winter Term 2020/2021

Changes in society, technology and environment always have an impact on built space and the demands placed on it. Schoolyards play a special role here, both in terms of social and ecological development trends. What kind of challenges do the new socio-culturally shaped living and learning conditions bring with them? What requirements must inner-city school complexes be able to meet in terms of climate change and urban climate in order to ensure both a future-proof learning environment and a positive contribution to a socially and ecologically sustainable urban district?
These and other questions will be discussed in the study project "Große Pause Rittersberg" in Kaiserslautern and then translated into a concrete schoolyard design.


Prof. Dr. sc. ETH Zürich Udo Weilacher
Dipl.-Ing. Nicole Meier
Bernhard Schöner (Model Workshop)


Dipl.-Ing. Nicole Meier


  • Gymnasium am Rittersberg Kaiserslautern
  • RBGreen Schulhof-AG Rittersberggymnasium Kaiserslautern
  • Gemeinnützige Baugesellschaft Kaiserslautern AG


Kickoff:     Mon 02.11.2020, 13:30 h (E42 or online; Infos follow)
Studio:      Mon 13.30-18.00 h
Excursion: Mon 09.11.2020 and Tue 10.11.2020


via TUM-Online until 16.10.2020
max. 10 participants