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Symposium 2010

Driven by the vision for a sustainable symbiosis of city and landscape, in 1902 Sir Ebenezer Howard wrote his epoch-making work “Garden Cities of Tomorrow”. But soon after in professional circles this dream was declared unsuccessful ­– a misjudgement? If one con concurs with the conviction of renowned architects and urban planners, after more than 100 years Howards vision serves as a new magic formula for the eco city of the future. Star architect Sir Norman Foster proudly declares „Green is Cool“, trying to show the world that the zero-emissions city is no illusion. But once more the experts are doubtful: has the garden city been underestimated as model for the future, or is the new urban vision merely a fraudulent label? Are experts of the green, the saviours of nature and advocates of the landscape, sleeping away again the chance for a responsible collaboration in shaping our urban future?

On 15 Oktober 2010, five renowned experts from Germany and abroad concetrated on central questions of the future of green cities, on occasion of the 3rd Weihenstephan Forum 2010:

Here you find the detailed programme (PDF 3,4MB)

You can find more photos and videos of the presentations on the German version of this page.