Development concept for an Alpine municipality with post-industrial heritage.

Bachelor – winter term 2017/18 (project landscape architecture 6)

The coming semester LAI will offer a project in the Alpine region of Slovenia. Main topic will be the specific problem of post-industrial sites in the Alpine region, which is also a focus area of research at the LAI. The challenge will be to develop a post-industrial transformation process in the municipality of Tržič, addressing, amongst others, questions of ecological restoration and cultural heritage preservation.

River and channels, bridges, alleyways and hillside roads form a dense spatial system which has to be analyzed with regard to its potentials. The main task will be to design an open space programme for the community. Visual connections should be installed for a new experience of the landscape, to promote tourism and to make the existing potential of the natural and cultural landscape more accessible.

"Special" places have to be identified at the interface between old industry and old town, and within a topographical range between high-lying viewpoints and the riverbanks beneath an old cotton mill. A chosen area will be designed in greater detail (1:500/1:200 and larger). 

The field trip will lead us together with the master studio to the project site and to Ljubljana.


Prof. Dr. sc. ETH Zürich Udo Weilacher
Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Bellingrodt
Dipl.-Ing. Lars Hopstock, PhD
Bernhard Schöner (model making workshop)


as of now via TUMonline.
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