Rappenweg Riem

Integrated design studio – urban design and landscape architecture  
Project Landscape Architecture 3 - City
Module AR71148, 9 Credits

Central to the project is the interdisciplinary exchange with urban planning, bringing together students of both architecture and landscape architecture. The project addresses current topics in the field of landscape architecture within an urban planning context. In this module, students learn to understand and design simple spatial typologies - such as squares, streets and courtyards - in the urban context. Experimental spatial studies, case studies, working with mass, structural and working models, on-site analysis and plans at different scales expand the student's design knowledge and skills.

The planning area in the summer semester 2023 is located in Munich-Riem, right at the southern edge of Riemer Park. An informal commercial area, which was created on a former gravel pit and covers 24 ha, is to be developed into a mixed residential and commercial quarter. In the course of the semester, the students will develop urban planning concepts for this quarter in interdisciplinary teams.


Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher
M.A. Bernadette Brandl
M.A. Lynn Hennies    
M.Sc. Antonia Koukouvelou
M.A. Irina Glander
Dipl. Ing. Nicole Meier
Bernhard Schöner (model making)

Cooperation with the Chair of Sustainable Urbanism (Professor Michaeli)


M.A. Lynn Hennies – lynn.hennies[at]tum.de


The course is held in German.


Studio:  Mondays and Tuesdays 14:00-18:00 in the "Grüner Saal" (Munich)

Monday           17.04.               14:00 // Pre-briefing (only LA in studio E42)
Tuesday          18.04.               14:00 // Kick-off (LA + Arch. in Munich, HS2370)
Friday              28.04.               09:00-18:00  // Excursion
Mon./Tue.        08./09.05.        14:00 // 1. Pin up
Mon./Tue.        05./06.06.        14:00 // 2. Pin up
Mon./Tue.        03./04.07.        14:00 // Table critics
Mon./Tue.        24./25.07.        10:00 // Final presentation

Deadline project report:  Monday, August 21st

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