City and mobility

The central question in the mobility focus point is how urban development can be designed more sustainably in the future, with a stronger focus on interdisciplinary cooperation and closer to people's needs, based on the restructuring of transport infrastructures. The focus is on urban space, and in particular road space, on the one hand, and on transport hubs (train stations and airports) on the other. 

For example, the current use of almost all road spaces worldwide shows that an unfair distribution of land, scarcity of resources and the advancing climate catastrophe are closely linked and that a fundamental change in mobility in cities and metropolitan regions is inevitable. At the same time, there is great potential here for improving citizens’ quality of life and strengthening their mental and physical health. The focus of many of our research projects and student seminars is therefore the investigation of current hurdles and design opportunities in relation to urban space, access and change in urban mobility cultures. Spaces and conventional planning processes shaped by transportation planning are questioned and interdisciplinarily developed and tested in living labs for new design possibilities. Transdisciplinary research projects create the framework for the participatory development and testing of mobility futures. As a partner of the MCube Cluster, the professorship has access to a broad network of diverse actors, also beyond the Munich context.   

Transportation hubs, especially train stations and airports, also pose challenges. Airports are a particularly good example of the fact that self-determined, individual movement is associated with a great promise of freedom in our society. The flip side of this is sprawling infrastructures, for whose construction the urban space and landscape are strongly reshaped, and which represent challenges and potentials for the future. With regard to railroad stations, on the other hand, we are interested in Transit-Oriented Development, meaning the densification and improvement of transport hubs, as an important trend and central task for the future throughout Europe. 

Contact person: Stefanie Ruf


  • aqt Summer School
  • Bachelor's Thesis - Straße der Vielen
  • Take back the streets  Städtebauliches Entwerfen Wintersemester 2019 / 2020
  • Betreuung: Benedikt Boucsein, Daniel Zwangsleiter, Elif Simge Fettahoglu-Özgen