Urban design techniques and tools

The focus point deals with the tools of urban design in their whole breadth. On the one hand, we are interested in integrating technology-driven tools with existing and novel methodologies to generate potential trajectories for research and practice. But, on the other hand, we are also interested in non-technological processes as tools, looking into urban environments as interwoven layers of physical, social, digital and systematic elements. In this scope, the focus point investigates existing and novel tools, approaches, and subjects and how they create social and spatial change.

The research topics so far covered are: (1) Acoustics and Urban Environments - investigating acoustic data as an example for externalities that can be translated as a parameter of design using computational tools in order to create responsive environments; (2) Transition Design and empowerment for (social) innovation; (3) New Tech, covering how new technologies such as AI, Big Data & Robotics could become the essential new infrastructures, how they will carve out a space in the existing urban and social environments, and how these new technologies will play a role in education (4) Cartography and Representation: focusing on both how classical, participatory and novel forms of cartography and representation can be pushed forwards, including GIS, AI, VR/AR as a design, communication and research tool. 

Overall, the focus point on tools and techniques strives to develop hybrid and evolving ideas,  influenced by technological advancements, evolving infrastructures, and adaptable methodologies. 

Research projects


  • aqt Summer School
  • Bachelor's Thesis - Straße der Vielen
  • Take back the streets  Städtebauliches Entwerfen Wintersemester 2019 / 2020
  • Betreuung: Benedikt Boucsein, Daniel Zwangsleiter, Elif Simge Fettahoglu-Özgen