TOUCH - Tactics of Urban Change

About the format TOUCH – Tactics of Urban Change

In the face of a climate emergency that is part of a larger biosphere emergency, urban planning education must be preparation for change: Training to thrive in the rapidly changing 21st century, and training in playing a positive role in its transformation, in acting as agents of change.
How can we prepare for a time of change in which many of today‘s certainties, techniques, and social practices are disappearing and being replaced by new ones? What are the tasks, what are the working tools of the next decades, and where does the responsibility of architects lie? These fundamental questions serve as a means for us to discover and ultimately invent the city.

In the „Laboratory for the Everyday City“ we will focus on everyday life. Because this everyday life will be very different from what we know today.
In the context of this change, it is worth working towards the goal of the Egalitarian City — the city that belongs equally to all people. Urban resources must be negotiated differently in the face of the current crisis, social participation must be improved, and our cities and urban regions must be preserved for future generations to live in.

The Tactics of Urban Change series documents results of our teaching, which always works towards this goal. Tactics can be designs created in the studio, interventions in urban spaces, or those we explore in seminars. The focus of the series is on results from the teaching of the professorship, but issues can also be co-created by guests and cooperation partners. A transparent, collaborative way of working that promotes student empowerment and also gives a voice to early career researchers is important to us. Each issue is freely available as a pdf and is printed in limited runs.

Published by M BOOKS