Research Group Cooperative Urban Development, Collaborative Housing and Neighbourhoods

Research Focus

The research group "Cooperative Urban Development, Collaborative Housing and Neighbourhoods" focuses on the impact of Cooperative Urban Development, Community-led, Collaborative and Cooperative Housing and self-organized initiatives, Housing and Urban Development as well as the role of their initiators and actors as well as alliances. The resarch focus lies on, how, and if these initiatives influence and represent a benefit to their urban environment, direct connected urban spaces and the wider neighbourhood. The research discusses interrelationships of (egalitarian) urban development and cooperative and collaborative housing and explores (positive as well as negative) impacts on urban development as well as urban and housing policies. The research focus deals specifically with the governance and the actors, conditions of emergence, and mechanisms of collaborative housing projects and housing cooperatives and neighbourhoods. We work in inter- and transcdisciplinary research cooperation and research collaborations on various research projects.

Our research focus lies on:

  • cooperative and collaborative urban development
  • community-led urban development
  • collaborative activation of the existing building stock
  • collaborative housing and working

Contact and lead: Dr. Isabel Glogar