All activities at the professorship are oriented towards two intertwined fundamental questions: justice as the most important goal of modern of modern urban planning, and the climate and biosphere emergency as currently the most urgent global challenges. We research and teach from the spatial, process-oriented perspective of urban design. This perspective can contribute to the understanding of urban phenomena and to point out unexpected, ideally disruptive and innovative directions of development, especially in inter- and transdisciplinary alliances. The transition to design questions is fluent because the phenomena we research and teach have a spatial impact and are thus also relevant to for design tasks. 

The five focus points at the professorship stand for our fundamental competencies, interests and approaches in both research and teaching. Building on these focus points, we work on established topics in research groups, which are led by a postdoctoral researcher and are usually linked to externally funded projects. In various working groups, thematically linked teams also work together to establish a research group. External and internal dissertations can be assigned to these groups, but individual topics are also independent of them.