Research focuses

At the professorship, research is conducted from the spatial-design, process-oriented perspective of urban design. This perspective can help in understanding urban phenomena and pointing out unexpected directions of development, especially in inter- and transdisciplinary research contexts. The transition to design themes is fluid, because the phenomena we research are spatially effective and thus also relevant as design tasks.

The research at the professorship has four focal points, which stand for our basic competences, interests and starting points: "The City in Desaster Mode", "The Cooperative City", "Infrastructures of the New Everyday", and "The Power of Conditions".

Research interests

The four research focuses and their overlaps generate concrete research interests with corresponding research projects, dissertations, publications and research-guided teaching formats. At the professorship, individuals or groups of individuals conduct research on the individual interests together with cooperation partners, develop corresponding interdisciplinary research projects, and conceptualize research proposals. Regularly, potential new research interests are explored, future constellations, discussed and, if necessary, launched.