Jonathan Letzter

Research Associate
Jonathan Letzter, Dr. Arch. 

Room: 0347


Jonathan Letzter is a postdoctoral fellow at the chair, aiming to explore diverse perspectives within architectural discourse, encompassing both practical architectural design and theoretical academic research. He completed his Ph.D. at Tel Aviv University, titled "Libraries in Israel: An Architectural Representation of the Zionist Movement and Israeliness" (October 2022), and his Master's thesis, "Additions to Historic Buildings - a Hermeneutic Interpretation," (September 2016).
Jonathan is a trained architect specializing in historic building and city planning conservation. He has actively participated in the research, curation, and design of architectural exhibitions at the Azrieli Architectural Archive and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Personal Website:

Research Fields:
20th Century Architecture: Theory and Practice
History and Theory
Building Conservation
Technological Development in Architecture

Selected Publications:
Jonathan Letzter: "From Vision to Realization: The Architecture of Culture in the Kibbutzim," Heritage & Society, Volume 17, 2023 - Issue 8:

Jonathan Letzter: "Architecture, Memory, and Bereavement: Israeli Memorial Centers," Cogent Social Sciences, Volume 9, 2023 - Issue 2:

Jonathan Letzter: "Knowledge and Prestige: Architecture of Academic Libraries in Israel," The Journal of Academic Librarianship, Volume 49, Issue 2, March 2023:

Jonathan Letzter: "Addition to Historic Building: Between Parasite and Prosthetic Architecture," Journal of Architectural Conservation, Volume 29, 2023 - Issue 1:

Jonathan Letzter and Eran Neuman: "Addition to Historic Building: A Hermeneutic Interpretation," Cogent Arts & Humanities, Volume 9, 2022 - Issue 1: