PhD Candidate
Zeynep Ece Sahin Korkan, M. Arch. 

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Zeynep Ece Sahin Korkan received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey) with high honors. Her field of interest includes medicine, gender, and architecture intersection in the late Ottoman context, environmental discourse in architectural history, and the spatial history of museums and display spaces. In her master’s thesis titled “Displaying the Body: Anatomy Museum and Anatomical Expressions in Architecture” she explored the reciprocal relations between architecture and the human body within the spatial context of anatomy museums, anatomical theaters, and medical displays. In 2018, within a selected group of international architecture students, she took part in the exhibtion “Vardiya /The Shift” for the Turkish Pavilion at 16th Venice Biennale. Between 2017-2019 she worked as an architect in the Madrid Headquarter of IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture where she was involved in the design of the India International Convention & Expo Center (IICC). Since 2015, she has taken part in many workshops, presented in academic symposiums, and was awarded in national and international architecture competitions.


Dissertation project:
“On the Way to Modernity: Revisiting the Spaces of Modern Medicine of the late Ottoman Istanbul, 1839-1923”