Alexander von Humboldt Post Doc Research Fellow
Alberto Franchini, Dr. 

Room: 0345


Alberto Franchini worked for internationally recognised architectural firms and specialised as architectural historian. Studied architecture at CTU Prague and IUAV Venice. 2014-2018 worked in the research project “Details, Architecture seen in Section” with contributions on publications and exhibitions (14th Venice Biennale, Milan, Paris, Vaduz and Munich). In 2017 attended the International Doctoral School of the Tonji University in Shanghai and 2019 was awarded a PhD in History of Architecture and Urban Planning from IUAV with a thesis on Giancarlo De Carlo (published 2020 with L’Erma di Bretschneider/Rome). 2019-2021 was Post Doc researcher at Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio (USI) for the research project “Architecture in Canton Ticino, 1945-1980.” 2020-2022 Lecturer at Polytechnic University of Milan.

2022-2024 Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at TU München with a research on the reconstruction of the heated debate revolving around participation in architecture in the international network based around ILAUD and the magazine Space & Society. He publishes on international journals, magazines and books with  innovative research methodologies.


Research Foci:

Global Architectural History (20th century)

Post WWII Trans-national Networks

Multi-vocal Narrations

Architectural anthropology

Oral history

Participative Tools


Selected Publications:

Franchini, Alberto. Forthcoming. “Participation in Architecture through new and established Research Perspectives.” Architectura. Die Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Baukunst / Journal of the History of Architecture 50, 68–74.

Franchini, Alberto. 2022. “Listen to Elderly People. A Methodological Lesson by Giuseppe Davanzo.”  HorizonteZeitschrift für Architekturdiskurs 15: 127–142. 

Franchini, Alberto. 2021. "A «lesson in modern architecture set into the mountains»: the Murer Studio by Giuseppe Davanzo (1970-1972)" in Critica d'Arte n. 11-12, pp. 83-99.

Franchini, Alberto. 2021. “Participativna arhitektura Giancarla De Carla.” In Giancarlo De Carlo, O participativnoj arhitekturi, edited by Alberto Franchini and Luka Skansi, 9–35. Pula: DAI-SAI.

Franchini, Alberto. 2020. Il Villaggio Matteotti a Terni. Giancarlo De Carlo e labitare collettivo.  Roma: L’Erma di Bretschneider.

Franchini, Alberto. 2017. “Giancarlo De Carlo y la participatión. El caso del Villaggio Matteotti”. Architextos 31: 9–26.


More Publications:


Current Research Proejct:

Participation Makes Architecture. Reconstructing a Cross-cultural Debate (1968-1981).


Past Research Proejcts: