rethinking school

Bachelorprojekt Architektur und Holzbau, winter term 2022/23

As Munich's population grows, the need for educational facilities increases continuously. The construction of new schools is a permanent task that we want to take on in the winter semester 22/23. The old-fashioned, barrack-like corridor school is outdated. Many new pedagogical and spatial concepts have been developed. One of these is the so-called "Learning House Concept" of the City of Munich, which will serve as the basis for the task.

The increasing complexity of society already requires appropriate learning and living spaces for young people - on their way out of the family into society.
How can synergies with the neighbourhood be entered into? Which public functions and uses can be integrated into the school, both structurally and conceptually, and made them interactively accessible to the neighbourhood residents?
A school building can be used to demonstrate a variety of construction methods in timber construction. An assembly hall or sports hall needs a different constructive solution than classrooms.
We want to think outside the box and use the design to think about future-oriented and progressive possible combinations of uses.

Kick off: 18.10.2022 
Time and place will be announced shortly.