Ringvorlesung TUM.wood - From tree to house

Lecture, winter term 2022/23, MA, 3 ECTS 

The interfaculty lecture series 'From tree to house - the entire wood value chain' is offered in the winter semester and is open to Master's students of the TUM School of Engineering and Design and the TUM School of Life Sciences.

The lecture series provides an overview of the interrelationships along the entire wood value chain. A holistic perspective beyond faculty boundaries deepens the understanding of the ecological, economic, socio-cultural and technical aspects of the topic 'Building with Wood'.

The inter-faculty approach of TUM.wood is reflected in the teaching offer. A coordinated subject catalog from all areas invites the students of the participating faculties to take a look beyond their own discipline. Thus, the subject of wood can be viewed from a university perspective in the best sense of the word.


Mondays 4:45 - 6:15 pm via Zoom


Prof. Richter     Introduction

17.10.2022       Prof. Seidl, Holzproduktion in Mitteleuropa

24.10.2022       Prof. Annighöfer, Der Wald, das Holz und der Waldbau

31.10.2022       Prof. Ludwig, Baubotanik - Lebende Holzkonstruktionen und organische Verbindungen

07.11.2022       Prof. Dörfler, Robotik im Bau

14.11.2022       Prof. Richter, Material Holz: Aufbau und Eigenschaften

21.11.2022       Prof. Richter, Holz und Nachhaltigkeit

28.11.2022       Prof. Van de Kuilen, Vom Baum zur Konstruktion

05.12.2022       Prof. Zollfrank, Biogene Polymere

12.12.2022       Prof. Benz, Pilzbiotechnologie in der Holzwissenschaft

19.12.2022       Prof. Winter, Holzbauprojekte - Werkstoffe, Anforderungen, Herausforderungen

09.01.2023       Prof. Winter, Holzbauprojekte - Bauphysik, Lebenszyklusberechnungen, Holzschutz

16.01.2023       Prof. Birk, Kreislaufeffektive Bauwende mit Holz

23.01.2023       Prof. Nagler, Einfach Bauen



Online lecture:
online lecture, link via moodle