Redivivum Lignum

Masterprojekt Architektur und Holzbau, winter term 2022/23

With the title we tie in with the term "Rediviva Saxa" by Paulinus of Nola from the 4th century. He referred to the reuse of stone as a building material in new structures when he used the term "stone reborn". On the one hand, the focus was on the value of the material as such and the meaningful reuse of building material, on the other hand on the historical dimension inherent in stone and the importance of reuse in this context. In the sense of a reborn wood, this term we want to deal with the reuse potential of wood, wood construction and wood construction principles. For this we approach the topics of forest, wood harvesting, wood processing and wood refinement on an excursion. In two analysis steps, we research historical and contemporary projects with regard to their potential and examples of reuse and examine modern timber construction principles (from logistics to wood qualities to wood connections) for their future viability. We process the knowledge gained in the draft of a school for artists and thus check the future use of our wooden buildings planned today.

Design presentation:
Kick off: 18/19.10.2022 more information to come