The one-week street space experiment took place in the course of the Architecture Week A7. The installation generated a place to stay and exhibition space on the area otherwise used as a parking lot through wall-like elements, seating and tree installations. An exhibition showed visions of the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space (TUM) for car-free Old Town Munich.


Project location: Munich; Old Town; Brunnstraße / Hackenstraße
Street segment: Parking lots
Project dimension: 100m2

Project period: several days (25.06. - 01.07.2022)
Project frequency: one-time (2022)

Initiators: Institution (Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space - TUM), Advocacy (Association of German Architects - BDA).
Project initiators: Institution (Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space - TUM)

Construction type
Space elements: Furnishing, wall, objects, barrier device.
Material: pallets, squared timber, paving slabs, metal pole pop-up trees, tent poles, umbrella poles, construction fence, construction fence gauze, seat cushions, barriers, laminated plans
Planting: none

Access: public, permanent (pop-up trees closed at night)
Target group: pedestrians, residents, participants (architecture week)
program: event (exhibition), stay

Planning: Own contribution (TUM, BDA)
Production: own contribution (TUM - students)
Material: own contribution (TUM), sponsoring (manufacturer, construction fence rental)
Operation: own contribution (TUM)

Approval format
Special use

Planning context
Thematic planning context ★★★★
Location-specific planning context ★★★☆

Research sources
Recordings by Gero Engeser and Felix Lüdicke

Katharina Dropmann

Editorial revision
Felix Lüdicke, Gero Engeser, Katharina Dropmann