Miniblock „Steinhuber“

The alternative occupation of parking lots with parklets will create offers and places to stay for passers-by, cyclists and residents along the road with little traffic.

Project location: Munich; Maxvorstadt; Steinheilstraße (partial area) and Enhuberstraße
Street segment: 19 parking spaces, at times entire roadway

Project period: July 2023 - October 2023
Project frequency: once (2023)

Initiators: Institution (TUM - Chair of Settlement Structure and Transport Planning), Municipality (Mobility Department)
Creators: Institution (TUM - Chair of Settlement Structure and Traffic Planning), professionals (e.V:/WOW), citizens (residents)

Construction elements
spatial: prefabricated wooden elements with benches and planters, raised beds, bicycle stands, table tennis table with net shielding
planar: wooden pedestals, colored markings for motorcycle, bicycle, e-scooter parking spaces

spatial: 7 small trees in plant troughs
planar: flowers, herbs, vegetables in raised beds and planter boxes

Furniture: bicycle racks with air pump, book exchange shelf, bulletin board, table tennis table, water container (watering), watering cans
Events: selective (single events where the street is closed off, e.g. opening)

Comparison before/experiment

Evaluation perimeter (street space from facade to facade): 1394 m2

Zoning (before)

Zoning (experiment)

Car: 774 m2

Car: 697 m2

Bike: 17 m2

Bike: 33 m2 

Pedestrian: 586 m2

Pedestrian: 647 m2 

Other: 17 m2

Other: 17 m2

Parking lots (before)

Parking lots (experiment)

Car: 39

Car: 28

Bike: 11

Bike: 19

Surfaces (before)

Surfaces (experiment)

sealed:  1377 m2

sealed: 1362 m2

half sealed: 0 m2

half sealed: 15 m2*

not sealed: 17 m2 

not sealed: 17 m2

* temporary greenery in pots or similar is recorded as half sealed surface

E-mail exchange with the chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning  TUM and Kollektivi e.V./WOW; Own measurement (30.7.23 and 25.8.23)

Aylin Altungök, Laura Pehlke

Editorial revision
Felix Lüdicke, Gero Engeser, Daniel Wolfram