Feine Plätzchen

Neue Freiräume für Münchens autofreie Altstadt

Semester Project B.Sc. Semester Project B.Sc. Landscape Architecture and Planning, Winter Semester 2021/22


On the occasion of the anniversary of the pedestrian zone, which was established in 1972, the chair is addressing the further development and future of public street spaces in Munich's old town in the cross-project platform "MunichLAB". The third semester is dedicated to a series of smaller squares in the "slipstream" of the pedestrian zone. While these were freed from motorized traffic and elaborately designed, the side streets and small squares took over supply functions and acquired the charm of backyard-like parking facilities. Since motorized traffic within Munich's old town has decreased rapidly in recent years, the idea of a car-free or car-poor old town is now being discussed. Parked cars are to disappear completely from the surface. What is the potential of the small squares? What design is possible if private vehicles lose their dominance in public space?


First, the situation of different small squares in Munich's old town is analyzed, described and evaluated. Through excursions and actionistic research, an intensive examination takes place on site and with the location. In a concept workshop, ideas for new open space distribution and use are to be developed. Subsequently, a detailed open space design is to be developed for one of the squares.


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl. -Ing. Felix Lüdicke, M. Eng. Simon Stiegler, M. A. Gero Engeser

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