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Entwürfe und Strategien zur Neugestaltung der Straßen des Münchner Kunstareals

Semester Project M.A. Landscape Architecture, Winter Semester 2022/23


The Kunstareal in Munich is home to a large number of important museums, galleries and research institutions. As a spatial unit, however, it is difficult to experience within the densely built-up Maxvorstadt district. For years, there have been considerations to reduce traffic in the quarter and to develop the public (street) space into a connecting element. For Arcisstrasse, for example, there is the idea of an "art boulevard". Visions that seem not only desirable in the long term in times of traffic change and climate adaptation, but also necessary in the short term.


The analysis is about getting to know and classifying the conditions and planning for the "Kunstareal". In a scientific investigation, international examples of street experiments are examined and different strategies are elaborated. In the design part, students will develop their own long-term vision for the street spaces of the Kunstareal. Finally, a short-term approach will be designed for their own long-term vision, following one of the identified strategies to initiate the desired transformation process.


Prof. Regine Keller, Dipl.-Ing. Felix Lüdicke, M.Eng. Simon Stiegler

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