New Housing Cooperatives as Vectors of Change

Research Team

Professorship of Urban Design

Dr. Isabel Glogar (PI), Prof. Dr. Benedikt Boucsein

Former Participants: Dr. Daniel Zwangsleitner (until 2020)

Duration: Since September 2019

Funding: Seed Fund, TUM (09/2019-08/2020)

Contact: Isabel Glogar,


"New Cooperatives" develop self-organized, affordable, high-quality housing that is oriented towards community and the common good. So far, however, there has been few research on their relation and role in urban planning, as we call them 'vectors of change'. In addition to providing housing, these initiatives can also steer a more common-good oriented understanding of urban developments and thus contribute to social change. The research project thus has two goals: On the one hand, cooperative housing  in Munich is compared with current developments in Vienna, Zurich and Bern (each with a significantly higher proportion of cooperative housing). Here, framing conditions such as land policies, regulations and instruments as well as pioneer projects play a central role. On the other hand, existing housing projects in these four cities are examined.

The overall goal is to investigate conditions that lead to a more community-oriented city and to create a theoretical framework that understands these new cooperatives as 'vectors of change'.


  • MA Seminar Kollaboratives Wohnen (WS 2019/20)