C04 - Integrating Digital Design and Additive Manufacturing through BIM-Based Decision Support and Digital Twin Methods

The project will contribute to closing the gap between digital design and additive manufacturing. The conceived Design Decision Support System (DDSS) will enable the identification of components suitable for AM technology, founded on a for- mal AM knowledge base. Methods will be developed for generating Fabrication Information Models (FIM) from Building Information Models (BIM). These methods will be based on graph theory and algorithmic geometry. By incorporating manufacturing information from robots and sensors, methods for creating digital twin representations reflecting as-built geometry and properties are developed. The approaches are based on the concept of multi-LOD BIM ensuring the consis- tency between multiple levels of detail.

The proposed Design Decision Support System (DDSS) is founded on a knowledge base formalising the capabilities and boundary conditions of individual AM processes.


  • Development of a multi-scale geometric model for AM in construction
  • Combination of B-Rep and V-Rep as well as semantic modelling for multi-LOD BIM.
  • Combination of graph transformation with algorithmic geometry for automated FIM derivation.
  • DDSS: Knowledge representation based on graph theory and ontological descriptions.
  • Usability experiments with potential users for validating the DDSS methodology.