Of elves and lumberjacks

Seminar MA - Sonderthemen des Holzbaus I, winter term 2022-23

As a mystical place of longing and irreplaceable resource, the FOREST is the bases of human survival and culture on all continents and expectations are rising - it is expected to be our climate savior, commodity storage, fairytale backdrop and tourism oasis, but what does that mean for the future coexistence between forest and humans in times of global droughts, Fires and intensive logging and agriculture for the forest ecosystem?
As architects, we can use interventions to draw attention to problem areas and their potential for dealing with our environment in a sustainable manner. First, we will get to know the forest in its different forms and study its role as a global player in our biosphere.

In the next step, we identify specific locations where a problem area of ​​human interaction with the forest is worked out. The draft solutions culminate in an architectural intervention that depicts a holistic narrative in order to show the potential for better coexistence between forest and humans.

A mandatory seminar is offered to accompany the design. The important basic determination should be prepared in the form of a reader with texts, graphics and images and serve as a basis for the participants for their design.

Design presentation:
Kick off: 20.10.2022, 9 am Uhr, Room 3149