Big Urban Data

Projekt im Sommersemester 2021
Prof. Frank Petzold
Tutors: Ivan Bratoev, Nick Förster

The ResiliMuc

Caspar Kleiner

The product of the project is an urban resilience platform that is targeted at planners and stakeholders in the planning process to identify neighborhoods’ specific resilience potential, their weaknesses and difficulties. The objective of the platform is to enable planners to allocate interventions efficiently and precisely. For this, climate, mobility and social indicators are used and the results are     visualized on the platform.

The concept is an urban resilience dashboard that helps planners to improve the resilience potential of neighborhoods and the city. Based on the research introduction, the city is a complex system that functions with a heterogenous selection of different elements. In case of a threat or disruption parts of this system can fail or not function properly. The resilience potential of the city lays in its ability to replace or overcome these miss-functioning elements of the system. This can be in the form of abandoning, replacing, or improving the element. Such elements can be built structures in the city, technical infrastructure but also social infrastructures.

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