Guide "Digitale Planung in der Hochschulausbildung"

The majority of architecture students are very open to digital planning methods. So far, however, only a few chairs chairs at the universities have tought them in their courses. For this reason, professors from German colleges and universities have joined forces to formulate a strategy for future-oriented architectural education.

The result is the 65-page guide „Digitale Planung in der Hochschulausbildung“ as the fourth volume in the „BIM für Architekten“ series of the Federal Chamber of Architects (BAK). In this publication, the authors examine the challenges and potential of digital planning methods and tools in teaching. They describe the necessary structural, personnel and financial requirements and present concrete forms of implementation in the curriculum. Finally, in a practical part, they show best practice examples from universities where the introduction of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in different formats - from regular events to workshops, projects, summer schools and competitions - has been successful. One of them is the offer of the courses BIM.fundamentals, BIM.project and BIM.advanced at TUM.

The guide is a result of the BAK working group „Digitale Planung in der Hochschulausbildung“ under the leadership of the Saxony-Anhalt Chamber of Architects. The authors include Prof. Dr. Jakob Beetz (RWTH Aachen), Prof. Yvonne Brandenburger (Fachhochschule Erfurt), Christiane Hoffmann (Architektenkammer Sachsen-Anhalt), Stefan Krapp (RWTH Aachen), Tim David Lemmler (Architektenkammer Rheinland-Pfalz), Prof. Daniel Mondino (HafenCity Universität Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Frank Petzold (TU München), Andreas Pilot (TU Darmstadt), Prof. Dr. Walter Sharmak (TH Lübeck) and Prof. Axel Teichert (Hochschule Anhalt).

The brochure will be presented by Prof. Axel Teichert at the 1st Nachwuchsarchitekt:innentag of BAK and nexture+ on October 28th. in Berlin.

A print version of the brochure can be obtained directly from the BAK. The digital version is available for free download on the BAK website.