master studio – winter term 2016/17 (AR 7201/6/7)

The MA studio 'MORI' (ex-Montecatini Alumetal) deals with the former aluminium smelter at Mori, Trentino, near Lake Garda. A special role plays the particular context of post-industrial transformation in the Alpine region. The task is to develop a transformation concept with landscape architectural means on the relevant scales (1:500 or larger), addressing, amongst others, questions of ecological restoration and cultural heritage preservation.

The field trip will take place at the beginning of November (departure 09.11.) as a joint trip together with the B.Sc. studio at the LAI. Questions can be directed any time to Diana Böhm, room E48.

Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher
Dipl.-Ing. Diana Böhm
Bernhard Schöner (Modellbau)