Participation to the Technart2023

The insiTUMlab was able to qualify for the International conference on analytical techniques in art and cultural heritage Technart2023 with two contributions at once.

Dr. Eva Mariasole Angelin at the poster presentation. Foto: A. Micheluz

The new born analytical infrastructure for non-destructive in-situ studies insiTUMlab was presented at the International Conference Technart2023.

The poster presented by Dr. Eva Mariasole Angelin included the concept of the core facility, instruments and ongoing projects. Collaborations with international institutions such as Doerner Institut, IFAC-CNR, State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, TUM Chair of Non-Destructive Testing, Faculty of Engineering at the Cairo University, Deutsches Museum and Dresden University of Fine Arts were highlighted.

In addition, a joined project with the Conservation Science Department of the Deutsches Museum on the discoloration of cultural heritage plastics was presented as an oral presentation by Dr. Anna Micheluz entitled “Investigation of the discoloration of polyurethane elastomeric plastics in computer heritage: have we met an analytical challenge?”.