Symposium: From Fragment to Palimpsest

05 July 2023 | Symposium on "Fragment" An international dialogue

Historic Center Sermoneta, Italy

Preservation. Reintegration. Recomposition. Reconstruction.
TUM Main Campus | Arcistrasse 21 | Vorhoelzer Forum 


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The symposium “From Fragment to Palimpsest. Ricomposizioni che narrano. Preservation. Reintegration. Recomposition. Reconstruction.” offers a unique occasion for exchange between students and academics, in a process of given and taken that is taking advantage from the diverse backgrounds of our guest lectures. This is enriching the debate around the preservation of heritage. This is also intended to promote a dialogue between Restorers, Conservators and Architects striving for finding a common ground for debate, all the while conceiving architecture in a much broader sense, spanning from single buildings to entire city sectors and cultural landscapes.

Renowned scholars coming from different countries and institutes as well as experts at national and international level researching and practicing into the field of heritage protection are, here, taken together. This is also intended to foster new insights into the way how to preserve heritage, all the while striving for finding a common ground for debate as well as opening up future horizons in the way how to stage heritage for future generations to experience culture.




Arch. Dr. Roberta Fonti | Prof. Rest. Thomas Danzl

Lehrstuhl für Restaurierung, Kunsttechnologie und Konservierungswissenschaft

School of Engineering and Design | TUM


Organizing Secretariat | TUM

David Wolf

Marco Magliozzi

Yekaterina Martinez Panina

Maike Steidler