„über das neue bauen hinaus. lernen aus dem umgang mit der moderne“

In the winter semester 2019/20 the lecture series of the Professorship for Recent Building Heritage Conservation, Prof. Putz, and the Chair for Conservation-Restoration, Art Technology and Conservation Science, Prof. Danzl, will be continued within the network reused.TUM.

The general idea of modern architecture is strongly shaped by a number of iconic buildings of which we think to know everything. However, these objects are not only of significance for the architectural historian. Our interest is focused on the endeavours to preserve the modern legacy, which we want to retrace and discuss in regard to exemplary projects. The continuing care for modern building heritage has in many ways changed the image of “classic modernism”. Repair, restoration and conservation initiated a new critical discussion about architecture from the last century. It prompted a positive re-assessment and, in consequence, public appropriation.

What challenges in construction, conservation, and planning had to be overcome? Which new insights have been gained during repair and restoration work? How successful and durable have individual interventions been? What can be adapted in regard to more recent architecture, what is unique?

Short introductions will be followed by reports by our guests on the specifics of the individual restoration projects. Finally, we will discuss the implications and challenges for the preservation of building heritage of the last century.

The lecture series is organized by the Professorship for Recent Building Heritage Conservation and the Chair Conservation-Restoration, Art Technology and Conservation Science within the network reused.TUM.


Dates wintersemester 2019/20

October 29th, 2019
Andreas Putz, A Tale of Two Towers,
subsequently release of the magazine "halten, Beiträge zum neueren Bauerbe" 01/2019

November 26th, 2019
Julia Feldtkeller, Nationaltheater Mannheim

December 10th, 2019
Felix Wellnitz, Haus Schminke Löbau

December 17th, 2019
Wolfgang Frey, Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

January 14th, 2020
Claudia Mohn, Werkbundsiedlung Weißenhof Stuttgart

January 28th, 2020
Claudia Devaux, Villa E-1027 Roquebrunne-Cap-Martin


on tuesdays, 18.45 – 20.15

Technical University of Munich,
Corner Gabelsbergerstr./Luisenstr. (Thierschbau),
Room 2350 (Alte Architekturbibliothek)