Knowledge Supported Design

Due to the rapid global increase of complexity in building projects, knowledge and exchange of knowledge about architecture is ever more essential. In-place IT infrastructure shows an enormous potential for exchange, however, it has not yet resulted in a great deal of data exchange. The question that needs to be asked is; where does architecture in practice, teaching and research sit today in the the 21st Century.

Knowledge is essential for the development of a society in academic, economic and social terms. Knowledge is useful information. Query capabilities are the prerequisite for the analysis of that knowledge. Knowledge management systems are necessary to be able to access and use the vast amounts of knowledge that has been collected and stored.

In this research field the project "metis - Query methods using semantic information models (BIM) for early design phases" (Funded by the German Research Foundation) is working to develop computer aided knowledge-based design techniques. On various projects, transferability and application-oriented evaluation of theoratical principles are currently being tested.

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