CDP | Crowd Safety: Interactive Design Planning Under Consideration of Pedestrian Flows and the Safety Aspects

The aim of the research project is to integrate human flow simulations into the digital design process of the early design phases. The basis for this is the CDP // Collaborative Design Platform – a digital, interactive design platform. So far, this platform has been used to link digital simulations with physical models in an urban context. The CDP is to be extended with an interface to support communication with external simulation software. The “crowd:it” pedestrian flow simulation software is used as an example for this research project. The central research question is the feasibility of linking digital and analog design with simulations and the feedback that changes to the geometry make to the simulation results in real time.

In order to achieve such a link, IT-specific interfaces and a generalized middleware for the connection between the CDP and the external simulation software solution need to be created. Visualization strategies for the representation of the simulation results are to be conceptualized and developed. By linking the simulation processes with the design processes, iterative and integral planning processes should become possible, in which safety and ergonomics of the buildings are increased, costs are reduced through close cooperation between the planners and the builder and understanding for planning decisions and room for participation is created.