Due to the rapid changes in technologies and systems, research and training must quickly change to keep up with the profession. To do so one must focus on the fundamentals and the underlaying principles of various programs to provide students with strong general foundation. In addition, One must learn the currently available software solutions in order to gain expeirence applying this theorical foundation in practice.

To address these issues properly, the concepts must be approached from different directions - the theoretical principles, practical discussion of available tools, and discussion of the use of constanty developing technologies. Cooperation with departments within the department and with other disciplines is essential. For example it is important to offer collaborative courses to address the interface between analog and digital tools. The goal is to provide an architectural education that is both interdisciplinary, practice-oriented and research-based. We work to cover theoretical and practical aspects that provide future architects the ability to not only use the current digital tools available but to think critically in order to integrate the new methods and solutions as comptetent well rounded designer.


Information on courses offered by the Department of Architecture Informatics can be found in the following pages.

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