iEmC | Interactive Exhibit in the Museum Context (Completed)

In the research area "interactive exhibits in a museum context", practice-based projects are used to research possibilities for the installation of information in the area of application of museums in order to gain new knowledge in the area of interactive communication.

Historical data visualization in the museum context - New ways of Exploration Information 

The NS-Dokumentationszentrum München has created a center for learning and remembrance of the Nazi history of Munich. There they have documented the causes and effects of the Nazi dictatorship, as well as its consequences up to the present. The objective is an open and lively place full of memories, information , learning , and a critical analysis and discussion about the history of National Socialism. The historically complex subject is conveyed to a wide audience in a permanent exhibition. On below-ground floor, visitors will have the opportunity to share their knowledge individually or in groups by through media stations. The goal of this this collaberative project, are to make historical information accesible to both the general public as well as to a professional audience using the latest technology to present the information through visualization.The hope is to gain new insights into historical events. The project is headed by Prof. Dr. -Ing. Winfried Nerdinger ( founding director of NS-Dokumentationszentrum München) and Prof. Dr. -Ing. Frank Petzold (Chair of Architectural Informatics at the Technical University of Munich). During all phases of the project a close exchange of ideas between both History and information design will be maintained, because only in the interaction of the disciplines can new digital tools and the appropriate interactive visualization strategies be developed. The goal is that both new evidence for historical research can be uncovered, as well as accessible delivery methods for the general public can be created. Furthermore, it will be tested through close collaboration with the Education Department of the NS-Dokumentationszentrum München. The educational potential of the interactive visualization methods as a mediation tool are expansive. A research platform (database), developed for this project, places a focus on information generated visualizations with the potential to extend the existing data sets in the future.
NS-Dokumentationszentrum München


Responsible Partners:

Technical University of Munich – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Petzold Mitarbeit: Dipl. Ing. (FH) Jens Weber, M.Sc., Dipl. Des. Andreas Wolter, M.Sc.
NS-Dokumentationszentrum München – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Winfried Nerdinger Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Peter Longerich