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The practice of preservation has ancient roots. This is spanning from the reintegration of parts of objects, which are lacking integrity to the reconstruction of entire buildings. It also includes intermediary solutions such as the partial recomposition of heritage left in a state of a ruin and the one of paintings, which are showing extended lacunae. Despite the potential for disproportionate losses of heritage, this practice is regarded as crucial for the transmission of heritage to posterity. The symposium “From Fragment to Palimpsest. Ricomposizioni che narrano. Preservation. Reintegration. Recomposition. Reconstruction.” offers a unique opportunity for debate, fostering a dialogue between restorers and architects on the effects of a century-long practice of manipulation of heritage so to preserve and transmit this to posterity. Renowned scholars coming from different countries and experts at national and international levels, who research and work in the field of heritage protection, are, here, taken together. This is aiming at exploring new horizons in the preservation of our heritage and how this is staged for the future. From Fragment to Palimpsest is also striving for finding a common ground for debate on dissonant and detested heritage.


Prof. Arch. Raffaele Amore, University of Naples Federico II

Prof. Arch. Paolo Carlotti, University of Rome La Sapienza

Dr. Arch. Daniela Concas, University of Rome La Sapienza 

Prof. Arch. Daniela Esposito, University of Rome La Sapienza 

Prof. Arch. Francesca Geremia, University of Rome RomaTre

Dr. Rest. Dörthe Jakobs, Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg

Prof. Rest. Ralf Kilian, University of Bamberg

Dr. Arch. Francesca Lembo-Fazio, University of Rome La Sapienza 

Prof. Arch. Ruth Liberty-Shalev, Technion University

Dr. Arch. Valeria Montanari, University of Rome La Sapienza 

Arch. Eran Mordohovich, Technion University | ICOMOS Israel | Israel Antiquities Authority

Prof. Arch. Andrea Pane, University of Naples Federico II

Prof. Arch. Renata Picone, University of Naples Federico II

Prof. Arch. Paola Porretta, University of Rome RomaTre

Prof. Rest. Ursula Schädler-Saub, Hawk University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim

Prof. Arch. Alexander SchwarzUniversity of Stuttgart | David Chipperfield Architects

Prof. Arch. Luigi Veronese, University of Naples Federico II


Study days on "Fragment". An international dialogue, 05-08 July 2023  Munich | Raitenhaslach 


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