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sketching and model making short term design

Show your talent in open space design and street art! The upcoming short term design in April 2023 focuses on an experimental method of creating landscape architectural interventions in public space. Based on the first design knowledge of "round 1" in January, the task is to design temporary sculptures for urban public spaces with – this time – 15 prefabricated wooden elements. The temporary street sculptures aim to give an impulse to the users by allowing them to participate in the process of activating urban spaces. The main working tool will be model making in a scale of 1:10. The limited time frame will serve as a kick-start into the creative process.

If your project will be suitable, you might have a chance to participate in a follow-up workshop on site in Romania. On the occasion of the street festival “Strada Potaissa”, the Romanian city of Cluj- Napoca invites landscape architecture students of TUM to a creative workshop week! The best short term designs will be implemented 1:1 on site in Romania in May 2023.

Kick-off: Tuesday, 11.04.2023, 10:00 h, E42

Submission: Thursday, 13.04.2023, 16:00 h

Presentation & Discussion: Wednesday, 19.04.2023, 15:00 h

Creative workshop week in Cluj, Romania: Sun-Sun, 28.05.2023-04.06.2023

The course will be held in English. 


1,66 ECTS short term design in April 2023 (Bachelor module) or 2 ECTS short term design in April 2023 (Master module), max. 9 students

Course No. 0000002964 (Bachelor) – Course No. 0000002965 (Master)

+ BONUS ECTS workshop in May/June 2023 in Romania (successful participation in the short term is required), max. 10 students

Course No. 0000002966 (Bachelor) – Course No. 0000002969 (Master)

registration via TUMonline from 31.03.2023

Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher
M.A. Bernadette Brandl
Bernhard Schöner (Model making)