Teatro al Mare

A complementary design approach at the Lido

At the Lido, a long-stretched island in the lagoon of Venice, an old run-down theatre with a beautiful interior is standing close to the beach. It used to be an active part of the Ospedale al Mare, a former hospital at the Adriatic sea. Withdrawn from sight by an overgrown succession field, il teatro is waiting to be kissed awake. The aim of this short-design-study is to develop a design of a public „culture-park“ with connection to the beach, integrating the existing built structures and taking into account the potentials of succession vegetation influenced by the mediterranean climate and coastline conditions.

This short-design-study will be implemented into the research field of “writing as a design tool”. In the practice of landscape architecture, design usually takes place on a visual level: using models, sketches, drawings, plans or perspectives. But research shows that writing in the design process has valuable qualities that do not compete with the visual approach, but rather enrich and complement it. Therefore, the design tools of RUSH WRITING and NARRATIVE WRITING will be introduced and used together with the classical design tools such as sketching and drawing throughout the design process.


Fri. 28.05.2021 10:00 AM          kick-off meeting + introduction rush-writing group 2
                                                   taking part at the kick-off is condition to take part at the course
                          12:00 PM          1st hand-in (groups 1 + 2; upload moodle)

from Sat. 29.05.2021                  introduction narrative writing group 1 (video)

Thu. 03.06.2021 12:00 PM        2nd hand-in (groups 1 + 2, upload moodle)

Fri. 04.06.2021 09:30 AM          introduction rush-writing group 1
                           11:00 AM         introduction narrative writing group 2

Thu. 10.06.2021 05:00 PM         final hand-in  (groups 1 + 2, upload moodle)
Fri. 11.06.2021 10:00 AM           presentation (5min + 10 min feedback)


1st hand-in:       1 DIN A3 with selected first sketches
2nd hand-in:       2 DIN A3 with the developed alternatives (Title, layout plan + section)
final hand-in:     3 DIN A3 with the final design (Title, layout plan, section, perspective, text)

2 ECTS for Master, 1.66 for Bachelor Students
Please regard that you have to collect 6 ects if you are in the master's program and 5 ects if you are in the bachelor's program to complete the whole module. Short Design Studies are regularly offered by the different chairs and professorships.

The introductions and meetings will be held in English, the task itself can be handed in in German or English. 

from now on TUM-Online
Module AR72055 Short Designs / Special Design Topics
LV-Nr. 987 Short Design Studies in Landscape Architecture - Bachelor - LAI
LV-Nr. 1007 - Short Design Studies in Landscape Architecture - Master - LAI

Martin Augenstein M.A.

The task will be developed individually. For the scientific comparabilty of the results, the participants will be devided into two groups with different tasks.