Technical and scientific supervision of building process, implementation, monitoring and documentation of a resource neutral building: the "Alnatura Arbeitswelt" in Darmstadt

In this research project, the assumptions and results of the previous project “Development of strategies for considering embodied energy demand in the iterative holistic design process of buildings using the example of the “Alnatura-Campus” in Darmstadt” will be verified and evaluated.

The research project is divided in two phases: In first phase the construction process of this innovative building is scientifically steered. The selected constructive solutions are benchmarked in reference to their embodied energy. In this context, the embodied energy of the rammed-clay walls is measured directly, which enlarges the current limited data base.

Following up a biennial monitoring in the second phase, the building will be analyzed to evaluate the project targets. Measured data of room climate and energy consumption will be compared with the thermal simulation. As a result, optimization strategies for building operation will be developed.

The building was completed in 2019.