Build with Vision

Under the project name "Build with vision - Bauen mit Weitblick - Modular system for industrialised social housing", a standardised multi-storey housing construction is realised by serially prefabricated elements (area elements / modules) with a high prefabrication depth including technical building services. Inexpensive and high-quality construction is to be made possible by the potential of industrial processes (planning - production - construction). The technical, legal, economic and social boundary conditions are recorded. Any necessary changes in legal conditions or a remaining need for public funding should be precisely identified. Based on performance requirements, floor plans for building typologies are configured, which are finally combined to a catalogue.

Project partners from research and building practice combine their knowledge in this project. The focus is on the optimization of planning, manufacturing and assembly processes within the framework of "industrial production". Digital planning methods based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) are used to identify remaining cost, quality and time potentials. A manageable system construction kit for social multi-storey housing construction is being developed. On the IBA 2019/2023 and the BUGA 2021, planning and realization with the system construction kit will be demonstrated on at least one building.