Simply Build 3
Monitoring of the pilot houses made of solid wood, lightweight concrete and highly insulating masonry from Simply Build 2 and validation of the results

The research project is the conclusion of a series of three research projects (Simply Build 1-3), in which fundamental insights into the simplification of construction are to be gained. The goal is to de-technologize and simplify construction.

  • Simply Build 1: Research on the principles of simple building (10/2016 - 09/2018).
  • Simply Build 2: Practical application in three pilot buildings and development of a guideline (01/2019 - 12/2020).
  • Simply Build 3: Measurement, validation, feedback in three pilot buildings and revision of the guideline (01/2021 - 12/2022)

In Simply Build 3, long-term measurements during the use phase (winter and summer periods) are to provide comparative statements on the building envelope, thermal comfort and energy consumption. Through measurement, validation and feedback, the qualities of the three buildings will be verified in order to concretely understand the potentials of "Simply Build".

The core thesis

Under normal circumstances, monolithic Simply Build structures are roughly comparable to standard and low-energy residential buildings in terms of environmental impact and cost. In addition, Simply Build reduces the installation costs of cost group 400 (technical building equipment) through passive and simultaneously user-controlled systems and behave robustly in the face of uncertain boundary conditions such as user behavior, weather extremes or non-functional building services systems. Due to their robustness, Simply Build increases user satisfaction. If one assumes that a building will last 100 years or more, a slightly higher material input in the construction of simple buildings will pay off in the long term.